Year 6 2023 - 2024

Mrs McDermott

Welcome to the Year 6 home page!

We will learn about the Second World War in Europe and why the Battle of Britain was such a significant turning point in British History. We will discover the timeline of events such as the outbreak of the war, the Battle of Britain, the heroic rescue at Dunkirk, the Blitz, the D-Day landings, the liberation of the concentration camps and the celebrations of VE Day. We will research the lives of the ordinary people who faced the Blitz and coped with rationing and evacuation. Learn about the inspiring stories and achievements of significant people such as Anne Frank and Winston Churchill.

We will base our literacy sessions around class novels linked to WW2 in order to develop a strong understanding of associated vocabulary and inspire our writing.  Through literacy we will be news reporters, soldiers and evacuees considering the different experiences they would have witnessed during the time.  We will begin our history considering how the war began, investigate artefacts and sources to discover more about the Battle of Dunkirk, The Battle of Britain and The Blitz.  We will understand the home front and the roles in the war of both men, woman and children.  Children will link their geography knowledge to consider where food came from and why it was rationed.  In PE, children will learn dances that were brought from America to Britain such as the Lindy Hop to music by Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Glenn Miller. 

In Literacy this term we will be developing our descriptive writing, deepending our understanding of the grammar associated with our writing structure.  We will be reading a variety of books during this half term to engage pupils interest in reading as well as developing their reading skills such as visualsing, predicting, retreiving and inferring information, questionning and summarising.  Please try and make time to listen and engage with your child's reading experience.  Developing good reading habits at this age is priceless and develops a life long learner.  

In maths we are focusing on place value and learning to solve problems with numbers up to ten million.  Remember, if you can teach your child how to chant their times tables, they will become a confident mathemtician who's abilities are endless! I can teach them everything else you need to know so times tables will be the biggest focus for homework this term.  Chant them, quiz them and you always have a range of activities on TT ROCKSTARS to help develop their fluency even further.

Make sure you keep an eye on the newsletter as I will be posting important information and updates and sharing photos of our activities from the week. 

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on or as always my door is always open for anyone who wants to chat face to face.

Mrs McDermott

Here is a wonderful website with book recommendations for all year groups. 

Home learning

Maths home learning will be TT Rockstars and NumBots. Please work on Times tables with your children, they need to work on knowing these inside out recalling tables quickly to problem solve. Consider the inverse operation of division, knowing that 64 divided by 8 = 8. The children will also be set regular tasks on that link to the in-class learning from the week. You may support your child with these tasks. 

Reading is another home learning you will do weekly. Reading is a fantastic way to learn and to stretch your imagination. In year 6, we work hard to develop our fluency and understanding of text, focussing on active reading where we question, summarise and investigate language. Please continue to read with your child at home and focus on asking them questions about the text they have read.   

Grammar tasks will be assigned on The tasks will link to the learning in-class and they will help inform the objectives that require further practise and teaching. These will be set regularly and I will make you aware of hen we have completed these. 

Year 5/6 Spellings are given to the children each week and they will be tested on a Friday. Please practise these weekly on SpellingShed and consider the spelling patterns and methods to help them remember them for the future. 

If you require any login details and passwords for home learning websites, then please contact me through email on 

Week 1 Reading Homework: Read and research information about the author of your book.  Display this information creatively by creating a fact file, writing a biography or you can draw or stick in a picture of them and describe them and their achievements around it,  How you present the informaiton is up to you but please focus on presentation. DUE MONDAY 11TH SEPTEMBER.

Week 2 Reading Homework: Which character would you like to be? Why? By now you should have got to know the characters in your book.  How can you display this? Will you draw you and them together? No need to write more than a paragraph. 

Week 3 Reading Homework: When was the book set? Explain and use words/phrases from the book to support your answer.  What vocabulary will you use in your writing in class.  Can you create a word bank? A glossary? Can hyou create a wordsearch where you can ask your partner to find words that let you know when the story was set?

Week 4 Reading Homework: Pretend something in the story really happened, write a newspaper article for tomorrows paper.  We have been learning all about newspapers in class so this should be a fun one for you to do and you can use ideas that we hve already developed in class.  Can you present it as a newspaper? 

Week 5 Reading Homework: Write a telephone conversation between you and a character from your book. Remember to use the ruls of speech and punctuate your work accurately. 

Week 6 Reading Homework: Write a book recommendation for a year 5 pupil or create an advert for year 5 to persuade them to read your book.  Tell them enough information to interest them but don't give too much of the story away. 

Week 7 Reading Homework: SPAG.COM details to follow. 


Year 6 Important Information

MONDAY: Outdoor PE with Anthony - all children must being their school PE kits (DV / red jumper) and be prepared for all weather. 

TUESDAY: Swimming, squash and dance - all children must come to school in PE kits (DV / red jumper) and bring their swimming kit with them.

WEDNESDAY: Orchestra - instruments


FRIDAY: Children will have Music, RE, and Forest school - all children must bring with them wellies and waterproofs to put on over their uniform.

Reading Journal homework due in.

Spelling test.  

TT ROCKSTARS and NUMBOTS reviewed to see weekly progress. 

SATURDAY/SUNDAY: Fun, family time,  games, getting outside and reading for pleasure


Things to remember: 

  • School shoes/ indoor shoes will remi in shool  and children can come to school in their outdoor shoes everyday. 
  • All children with long hair must wear it tied back. 
  • Children only need to bring the essentials into school every day – lunchbox and water bottle. They will be provided with all equipment. 
  • Children are welcome to bring water bottles into the classroom to be kept on desks.
  • A suitable coat is vital as we will spend time outside every day, for daily miles, playtimes and other outdoor learning opportunities.



These links may help with homework and to support our learning! 



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