School Swimming Lessons

The swimming lessons that Dean Valley pupils receive via school at the Bollington Health and Leisure Centre are part of the National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS) which forms part of the national curriculum. We are grateful to Bollington Town Council for subsiding the cost of these lessons and to parents for contributing towards the transport costs. 

As several pupils also have private lessons at Bollington Health and Leisure Centre outside of school, this document may be helpful to understand the curriculum requirements, which are categorised differently from the private lesson stages. The school curriculum swimming teachers are the same staff who undertake the private lessons at the leisure centre, but will teach larger groups and of mixed ability, whereas private lessons are smaller groups of similar ability.

Dean Valley pupil attainment levels for curriculum swimming are reported via their individual end of year school report.

Year 3 pupils start school swimming during the summer term (after Easter), when year 6 stop their school swimming to focus on national tests. Years 4 and 5 have swimming lessons every term throughout the year. All year groups require an additional adult to accompany them on the coach to/from swimming, so if you are able to help on a Tuesday, please contact the class teacher. Thank you to those parents able to come along and help so far.

Dean Valley Community Primary School, Albert Road, Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 5HS

School opens at 8:50 am and closes at 3:20 pm