Our Governors

Our Governors

Elizabeth Healey (Chair of Governors) - Appointed Nov 2021, Term of Office to Nov 2025

Mrs-Healey.pngLiz Healey is Assistant Headteacher (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and Transition) graduated from Salford University with a degree in English and German in 2001. She worked in industry before completing a PGCE with Manchester Metropolitan University. Liz worked as a teacher of languages at St Michaels C of E High School, Chorley and joined Tytherington High School as Assistant Head of Elm House in 2006.

She lives with her husband, son and daughter in Marple. Liz also loves travelling. Liz is passionate about providing all students with opportunities to learn and enjoy their time at school.



Dr Roland Edwards ( Co-opted Governor, former Chair) - Appointed Jun 2019, Term of Office to Aug 2023


 Retired but serial volunteer for Suffolk Wildlife Trust and Orford Ness National Trust.

Joined 2019 as the Bollington Town Council representative.

Roland spent his career working for the MoD as an expert in the human sciences. Spent the early part of his career going on exercises with the armed forces in places such as Germany, Cyprus, Northern Norway and the Falklands. Finished his career as the research director for MoD Human and Medical Sciences.

 Fun Fact: Has slept in a snowhole in Northern Norway with the Royal Marines


Claire Barnett (Parent Governor) - Appointed Jul 2022, Term of Office to Aug 2026

claire.jpgPrior to becoming a parent at Dean Valley, Claire was an Associate Director for climate change within a large international consultancy. She worked with a wide range of organisations to help them understand the challenges of living in a changing climate and its impacts as well as exploring opportunities for reducing carbon emissions.

I've been asked for a "fun fact" about myself and my standard answer is that I am a world record holder but that I am married to a double world record holder!



Anna Harris (Parent Governor) - Appointed Oct 2021, Term of Office to Oct 2025

anna.jpgAnna Harris has 4 children at Dean Valley. She works in strategy for a marketing consultancy, and has a side passion for gender equality, having recently carried out some research into female ambition. That's why she has been heavily involved in the Gender Equality at Dean Valley project.

Fun fact: As a teenager Anna wanted to be an actor. She was a regular extra in Hollyoaks and the height of her fame was a non-speaking part in a Coca Cola ad in 1999!


Tim Hudson (Parent Governor) - Appointed Nov 2019, Term of Office to Oct 2025

TH Headshot_sq.pngTim has been a Governor at Dean Valley since his eldest joined the school in 2019. 

During his time on the Board, he has enjoyed multiple visits to school to learn about the progress of all of the children, and have worked particularly closely with Mrs Dumbleton on the school’s EYFS Development Plan.

In is working life, he is the Head of Communications & Engagement at LandAid, a youth homelessness charity working to engage and inspire the property industry to help fund and support a mission to bring an end to youth homelessness in the UK.


Karen McCurdy (Local Authority Governor) - Appointed Nov 2018, Term of Office to Jun 2027

karen.jpgKaren has  been a governor at Dean Valley since 2017. She is the Local Authority Governor, which means her appointment was approved by Cheshire East and her role is to contribute  her experience of working within a local authority. As a governor, she is responsible for safeguarding and pupil premium alongside supporting the wellbeing of the leadership team.

She is currently the Hea of a primary school in Derbyshire and has lots of experience of senior leadership positions in primary schools. She has worked as a consultant for Bolton LA and supported school improvement in a variety of settings.

An interesting fact is that she is a trampoline coach and has coached a British Champion and member of the GB squad.


John Stewart (Co-Opted Governor) - Appointed May 2023, Term of Office to May 2027


John has lived in Bollington for over 20 years.  He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and is CEO of an Aerospace business.  

He has worked in industry for over 40 years.  He is a Bollington Town Councillor and Trustee of Ruby's charity. wo of John's three boys, James & Olly, attended Dean Valley. 

John has strong values and believes in doing the right thing and helping young people to be the best that they can be. 

Fun fact: He abseiled down the Great Wall of China while living in Beijing.



Casey McDermott (Staff Governor) - Appointed Feb 2024, Term of Office to Feb 2028

I studied to be a teacher in Leeds and qualified as a primary school teacher, who specialises in PE.  After becoming a teacher, I developed a love of maths and completed my MAST qualification to become a maths specialist teacher.

Casey 1.pngI grew up in Kerridge, so being apart of the Bollington community was very important to me and in 2010 when I got the job as a teacher at Dean Valley, I was thrilled!  

I have had two children, Reggie and Betty, who I absolutely adore.

I love being a part of the governors and enjoy representing the staff at Dean Valley, who are incredible at what they do!

You will usually find me in year 6 teaching the oldest children in school.  

I love dancing, performing and generally enjoying myself so you will probably hear me before you see me 🙂


Harry Brumfitt (Co-Opted Governor) - Appointed May 2024, Term of Office to May 2028

Harry is a qualified teacher of Science with experience as a Deputy SENCO for over 4 years in Cheshire east and Manchester.  Prior to this, he has carried out pastoral roles, as a Head of Year.  Harry holds the national award for SEND Co-ordination from Edge Hill University.  His other higher education qualifications involve a Masters in Chemistry and PGCE Secondary Science, both from the University of Manchester. Harry is currently undergoing an MA in education at Manchester metropolitan university.

Fun fact: I am level 1 British sign language qualified!

Vicky McPherson (Head) 


The Governor's Role

In all types of schools, governing boards should have a strong focus on three core strategic functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

There are four types of school Governor:

Parent Governors - elected by the parents and carers of children in school

Co-opted Governors - selected by the Governing Board to bring the expertise of the local community to the school

A Local Authority Governor - these Governors are appointed by the Local Authority and represent the political parties on the Council

Staff Governors – A maximum of two staff Governors - including the headteacher 

Our Instrument of Government provides for 12 governors made up as follows:

  • 3 parent governors
  • 1 local authority governor
  • 2 staff governors
  • 6 co-opted governors



Minimum 3


‘Absolute’ 1


‘Absolute’ 2





Anna Harris Karen McCurdy Vicky McPherson (HT) Roland Edwards  
Tim Hudson   Casey McDermott Elizabeth Healey  
Claire Barnett     John Stewart  
      Harry Brumfitt



How we work

The Governing Board has established a number of committees and statutory panels. We meet together as a full governing board every half-term. Our statutory panels which cover issues such as admissions, discipline and complaints meet as needed. Our committees also meet each half-term to review and discuss the details of school life. These committees cover:

  • Resources (finance, health and safety, premises);
  • Teaching and Learning and curriculum
  • Achievement
  • Personnel
  • Safeguarding

Each governor serves on one or more committees and in addition, has a specific area of interest – for example: safeguarding, school standards; or health and safety. Governors are asked to visit in their specialist link role at least once a term where possible.

Keeping in touch

The website is a good way of keeping up to date with all aspects of school life.

The minutes of the Governing Board meetings can be obtained from the clerk to the governing board (see contact details below).

There are lots of ways of sharing your views with us.  Some of our governors are also parents of children at school, so they are often around at the beginning and end of the school day. We will also be arranging specific opportunities and times throughout the school year to hear from you and keep in touch. Alternatively, you can always leave us a note at the school office or drop us an e-mail and we will get in touch with you.


Chair to the Governing Board - chair@deanvalley.cheshire.sch.uk

Becoming a Governor

Being a school governor is an important role but you do not need to have an education background to become a governor. What you need to bring to the role is: a confidence to ask questions, a commitment to school life; the ability to work with others; patience and enthusiasm; a willingness to learn; a commitment to working openly and democratically; and, most importantly, a drive to put the children first.

Governors typically spend about 10 hours a month contributing to school life (attending meetings, undertaking training, visiting school, participating in school events and much more) but some do less and you can do a lot more if you choose.

The most important thing to remember is that governors are a team, not a collection of individuals or groups or individuals with separate agendas. However much we may differ in our opinions and experiences we are united by our commitment to the school and the responsibility we share for its long-term success. In short, we have a common purpose. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a school governor please feel free to get in touch.


Dean Valley Community Primary School, Albert Road, Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 5HS

School opens at 8:50 am and closes at 3:20 pm