Year 5 2023 - 2024

Miss Hall


Where did the Mayan People Live? - Twinkl

Welcome to Year 5 2023-24

With Miss Hall, Miss Simpson, Mrs Downie and Mrs Russell

Our learning

In our upcoming study of the Mayans, we'll connect previous learning about Ancient Egypt and the Stone Age to understand historical contexts. Students will compare the Spanish conquest of the Mayans with the Roman conquest of Britain, exploring similarities.In Geography, we'll deepen our understanding of biomes, rivers, and rainforests, focusing on Northern and Central America.

Mayans: 10 Interesting Facts | CenoteTickets

Additionally, our Science curriculum will explore Living Things and their Habitats. Children will be able to describe the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird, as well as being able to describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals. 

We are having a major push on goal setting, resilience and perseverance this term through PSHCE lessons and weekly My Happy Mind sessions.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me via the email or School Spider. I am always more than happy to help. 


Each week children are expected to read regularly and complete a set task in their reading record, complete TT Rockstars , Spelling Shed games and Numbots.

Spelling shed:10 games per week

TT rockstars: 20 minutes over the week

Numbots: 10 minutes over the week

Year 5/6 online homework will be set on a Monday and will be due on the Friday.

Reading journal homeworks will be set on a Monday and due in the following Monday.

Reading journal task: choose one task from the front of the reading journal and colour when completed.


"What can I do at home to support my child?"

Reading for pleasure: Spend time listening to your child reading aloud. Share stories, ask questions and enjoy immersing yourselves in a good book! 

The following is a link to a recommended book list for Year 5. Please share with your child and explore the Y4 and Y6 pages too - there's a huge variety of exciting books! Best Books for Year 5 | Ages 9-10 | BooksForTopics 

Maths on the Go: Challenge your child to a multiplication showdown while you're stuck in traffic. Who can correctly answer the most times tables before you reach your destination?

Musical Multiplication: Create catchy times tables tunes together. Sing your way through the tables using your child's favorite songs or make up your own catchy maths melodies. Who knew math could sound so groovy?



Year 5 Important Information


Outdoor PE (AT sports)

New Spellings

Reading journal homework due in

Tuesday Swimming
Wednesday Orchestra

Forest school/ Art

Numbots/ TT Rockstars/ SpellingShed homework due in

Spelling test

Multiplication quiz

Important information

  • We are a NUT-FREE school. Please ensure all food brought into schools does not contain nuts. This includes pesto, nutella and most cereal bars.
  • Children should bring a water bottle into school and drink water in the classroom. No juice please.
  • Children should have an indoor and outdoor pair of shoes in school. Outdoor shoes can be an old pair as they will no doubt be getting muddy!

PE Kits:

  • Children will now be getting changed for PE in school. Please ensure that PE kits are in school on the days listed above.
  • We ask that children wear black joggers / shorts, a red or white t-shirt and trainers (NO 
    FOOTBALL KITS PLEASE). We will be participating in PE whatever the weather, so please ensure children bring a waterproof coat. Earrings must be removed or covered with tape during PE sessions.


These links may help with homework and to support our learning! 

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School opens at 8:50 am and closes at 3:20 pm