On this page you will find our Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and supporting documents. These are working documents and are continually reviewed. We focus on developing children’s knowledge, skills, language and much more through engaging topics, interations and an inviting learning environment. 

Our year so far



Autumn: We started our year with the 'Great Outdoors' driving out learning. We share our experiences with our woodland creatures to help us develop relationships with adults and peers. We have developed the inital skills and knowledge we need to function within our new school setting and have settled so well.

Next our interest has guided to 'Amazing Animals' from around the world. We already know lots that we want to share with our class but also have lots of questions to ask. Our learning will take us around the world looking at making foundations in geography.

Spring: The snow and ice we saw before Christmas really grabbed the classes attention. Our Spring theme is 'Winter Wonders.' Our learning will help us to make foundations in our science learning. We have fingers crossed for more snow.



2021/ 22

Autumn: We started the year learning about 'Wonderful Woodlands.' This gave us plenty of opportunities to share our experiences of the great outdoors, get out into our forest school area and learn about woodland creatures like our own owls.

Next the children led us to 'Below the Blue.' With a number of children sharing their impressive knowledge of sharks it left us wanting to know more.

Spring: 'superheroes' had been very prominent in our play so this had to guide our learning. The superhero HQ allowed us to take on roles and then allowed us to decide upon skills we needed to defeat the bad guys. The Evil Pea caused havoc in our classroom but when he was finally caught he was left rather mushed by the reception ingenious trap.

We then continued our learning but guided by 'Real Superheroes.' The fire station trip made the learning we had done in the classroom come to life.

Summer:the sunshine arrived and it allowed us to  'Let it Grow' is opening up opportunities to get outdoors. From planting to visiting a farm. We are also looking at the history of Bollington and how it has grown.

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