A day in the life of Reception

This page will outline what a day in the life of a reception class member is like.


Arrive 8:50  Cloakroom organisation, hands wash and find name cards. Children place their name card on our emotions wall to let us know how they are feeling that day. Adults then take to time to check in with children as needed to offer support or encouragement. Children register choose their lunch for that day. Time for Dough Disco!

9:00 Phonics and reading. Children move to their phonics group for fun with Fred and their teacher.

9:30 Direct discovery. When children have finished their phonics they look around the classroom to find their group and complete an adult supported or guided task or play in a designated area of the classroom.

9:45 Choice Discovery. Children choose how, where and with whom they wish to learn with in the classroom. Enhancements, games and activities are available along with the classroom provision. These are to consolidate previous learning, offer challenge or engagement for the children.

10:30 Snack arrives. We sing our songs and rhymes while we get our snack then sit down outside to enjoy it. Children then make their way to the playground for break.

10:45 Maths session. Children come to the carpet for a short teaching input followed by practical games, tasks or challenges.

11:15 Choice Discovery.

11:50 Lunch time. Children confidently make their way to the hall for lunch. Once finished the independently change for outdoor shoes and put on coats as needed, then out to the playground for break.

1:15 Register and Squiggle Me into a Writer.

1:25 Literacy session. Children complete a variety of Literacy based task from actively reading a text, taking on a role, oral story telling or developing sentence writing skills.

1:45 Choice Discovery.

2:55 Daily Mile

3:05 Snack and story time

3:20 Home time.


On various days other activities happen including assembly, forest school, music, RE and PE.


Children know what is happening each day and actively use our class visual timetable.

Dean Valley Community Primary School, Albert Road, Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 5HS

School opens at 8:50 am and closes at 3:20 pm