Year 5 2017 - 2018

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Year 5


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Year 5/6 will be learning about a significan event during the first half of the Autumn term, WWII . They will be studying how this  impacted on Britain. We will also be thinking about significant people from this time and how they shaped change for others. 

Our novel for the first half term is Emma Carrolls 'Letters from the Lighthouse'. This has already got us sitting at the edge of our seats wondering what will happen and asking questions about our understanding of vocabulary, sentence structure and topic content.  

Topic work will include creating images of the blitz, 3-d models of Anderson Shelters and through French learning about the things evacuees would have taken with them to their temporary homes. 

In October Year 5 will be going to to Tytherington School to spend a day learning about WWII with history staff givening them a further insight into WWII and also allowing them to begin experiencing a high school environment.

Our Maths focus this term is on number, we will be looking at reading, writing and ordering numbers to 1,000,000, as well as rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Roman  numerals, addition and subtraction will also feature stronlgly within ther term looking at embedding strategies and appliction of these skills to reason and solve problems.

During the second part of the term we will be focussing on SPACE and Russia..

We will be reading parts of War of the Worlds, creating Newspaper articles and writing reports about Space travel. In Maths we will research and consider shape, size and distance, learning about planets in our solar system as well as developing our understanding of division and fractions. 

Science will see us visiiting Jodrell Bank in November where we will be taking part in a range of experiments to learn about gravity and forces. We will also be looking at night and day, shadows and the Moon.

Maths - A focus on Number making sure place value and number skills are strong, we have also begun to develop our problem soving skills and apply number understanding to measure and data handling. 

Year 5 Important information- click here for a printable note for the fridge of all the important points below.

MONDAY: Outdoor PE with Anthony - all children should have their outdoor kit and trainers every week

THURSDAY: Indoor PE - Dance/Gymnastics,  Reading Journal homework to be handed in. 

FRIDAY: Orchestra - don't forget your instrument, Swimming kits needed,  Reading Journal homework given out, Times Tables test 

Regulation, named, indoor PE kit (black shorts and pumps with red or white T-shirt) needs to be in school all the time. Thank you.


In year 5 we are working hard to develop our reading skills, every week your child needs to read at home - a minimum of twice a week, recording what they have read and a comment in their planner. These activities will includewriting about favourite characters, write short chapter/book reviews, compare characters, create new characters or write a comic strip of the chapter they have read. Click here to see the list of activities they have in their planner. 

Reading journal homework will be given out on Fridays and must be handed in on the following Thursday. Presentation is very important and the content of the homework task should reflect a thoughtful and considered response - these tasks are not designed to be done in 5 minutes! Please encourgae your child to think carefully about their homework. 

Please work on Times tables with your children this term, we will do a timestables test every week. They need to work on knowing these inside out rather than by rote as they will beneift from this knowledge when recalling tables quickly to problem solve. They also need to consider the inverse operation of division, knowing that 64 divided by 8 = 8. This half term maths homework will be through times tables only, there are several websites below which will support youd childs learning and I would encourage them to access games which allow them to apply their learning. 

Click on the Place Value picture below to play Place Value games...

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These links may help with homework and to support our learning!





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