This webpage will be updated with new games to support your child's learning.

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Some of these activities can be played on tablets - while others may require a personal computer. I will put links to games in the order we are learning. 

Number Bonds

These are number bonds to ten. Please listen to this and master the song!


Counting in 2s

Please practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s from any given number between 1 - 100. 

Click on the images to access the games. 






To help your child practise estimating numbers, collect objects and ask them to estimate without counting. Write their number and then count. Was their estimate greater or less than the actual number?

Less than or greater than

These symbols can be confusing for children. We will learn that the biggest side points towards the biggest number, and the smallest side points towards the smallest number. Crocodiles will always eat the biggest number! Here is a nice game to practise remembering which way round these signs go.  






Place Value

We have been exploring place value since September. Our main focus has been partitioning numbers into tens and ones (units). Below are two games to help your child practise partioning and understaning place value.

I use the game below in the classroom - click on the ten rods to the right to bring them into the board, then click on a chosen number of ones. Ask your child the following questions to build their mathematical language and understanding (answers from example game below).

How many tens? 

How many ones? 

What digit will go in the tens place? 

What digit will go in the ones place? 









The following game asks the child to make a number using tens and ones.  

Key questions to further your child's understanding can include (answers from example game below):

How many tens? How many ones? 7 What digit is in the ones place? What digit is in the tens place? 3

What does the 3 represent? 30 or 3 tens

How do we know that 30 + 7 makes 37?








Times Tables - HIT THE BUTTON!

Select the times tables you want to practise. 


Here is a simple activity where you drag the rule to measure the line. Enter the measurement in the box and press 'enter'. This game requires adobe flash. 





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