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Have a look at our School Charter and a summary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)!

You can also sing our song, 'I dream of a better world', just click the audio file and look at the lyrics!

You we did...

Raise money for a new charity...we have held a blanket appeal raising £38.12 to help children protect children in Syria from the cold. Thank you for your donations.

This term we are going to look at creating a Playground Charter and to look at how we can develop playtime games for all to enjoy. 

School Council ran an assembly on Monday 6th February which shared their experiences of visiting the Houses of Parliament before Christmas. Their trip was a huge success, they met with David Rutley and discussed both issues which affect them in Bollingtonand the impact of Brexit on our country. 

In the Summer term you said you were concerned about road safety...

We focussed on road safety in the summer term spreading awareness of how busy Albert Road has become. There are so many buildings on Albert Road - businesses and schools as well as lots of houses that people are parking in the wrong places because of how busy it is. This makes it difficult for the residents of Albert Road and is dangerous for children and their parents walking to school. We have been running a competition to help raise awareness of road safety watch this space to see the winning design which will be displayed on the front fence of school! 

Last term you asked what our Governors do to help us so we.....

We have been busy learning about our Governing Body, we visited the Bollington Council Offices in October and held our meeting there with several of our school Governors. Learning about what the role of a Governor is and what happens at their meetings has helped us to understand a little more about how important our Governors are to our school. Please read our leaflet so that you too can learn more about what Governors do. 

Thank you for all of the amazing entries to our Road Safety Campaign competition. We were thrilled with all of the exciting and informative posters we recceived and are pleased to announce the winners are:

Emily in Year 3 and Tilly and Ellie in Y6.

Please remember to park safely and considerately and to always follow the green cross code.


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