Forest School

Dean Valley has its very own Forest School. We have a superb site including a large pond, large trees, open spaces and a steep wooded banking. We also have a wide variety of wildlife including a buzzard!

Each week, with the guidance of our Forest School Practioner, Marcella, our children work in groups to complete a range of different activities. Each sessions starts with a warm up, safety talk and scavenger hunt. The children then move into their groups to start their forest school sessions. These sessions are craft, site improvement, survival and flow play. The children work with an adult volunteer to complete a task before rotating to the next group. At the end of the sessions the children move to the camp fire circle where we share our learning and enjoy a drink and snack prepared by our survival group.

Here is a summary of what has happened in the first few weeks of our Forest School learning. Year 4 have been the first class to complete their sessions. 

Site Improvement: 

The children have: 

  • cleared out our pond, removing weeds, littler and retrieving frog spawn. 
  • moved large logs and lopped willow to create a fire circle. 
  • dug out old paths in preparation for resurfacing.


The children have: 

  • created nature clay shapes
  • crafted these into mobiles
  • made and used bird feeders


The chidren have: 

  • used flint and steel to create fire
  • worked with loppers to cut down willow branches
  • learning rope knots to pull heavy materials
  • pfood for the campfire by using knives
  • use of mallets to hammer in stakes
  • gathered fire wood

Free Flow

Children have developed: 

  • confidence
  • climbing skills (climbing trees!)
  • balance skills (slack line)
  • relaxing skills! (hammock)
  • teamwork (trust exercises)

Each week we run activities with the support of parent / adult helpers. If you would like to support a group, or lead a group with an outdoor learning idea you have please contact our school office. 

Dean Valley Community Primary School, Albert Road, Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 5HS