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Here are all the digital leaders - more information will follow shortly!  

 Hi , my name is Zach . I am a digital leader and love technology. I use my Xbox, iPad and computer. I use the laptop to do homework, research and search random things that I love. I use technology at school type word documents or play games. When I play on my Xbox I play online. I have only played online for 4 months. I like to look at football facts




 My name is Sam I am a Dean Valley digital leader and I love tech my life is depended on it. I normally use it for games and research. I think I am a good teacher. I have an iPad, xbox, Lenovo laptop and a Nintendo ds. I love them all. My favourite game is Fifa mobile. I can`t wait for us all to become pros at technology. I love football ,my favourite team is the local team Macc town. I play for Tythie juniors,  I am a defender and I am the team’s captain we are very very good!




Hi my name is Tom H. I am a Dean Valley Digital Leader. I like ICT making (and playing) video games. I also have good ICT knowledge and I am eager to share with other pupils and teachers.




 My name is Jasper I have been picked as a digital leader because of my love for technology, messing around with it and finding stuff out. I like the chrome app store available on Microsoft laptops. Another reason I became a digital leader is because I like video games like Minecraft.



 Hi my name is Chloe I am a digital leader for Dean Valley I use the internet for researching information on PANDAS, homework and looking for new recipes on cooking. I can’t wait to sho w what I know with you.




 My name is Elliot I am a digital leader for Dean Valley. I like using technology for lots of  things like playing games, doing homework and finding information. I play on the Xbox, computers and iPad.





 My name is Harry, I am a digital leader. I like watching videos and playing on games. My favourite game is minecraft. 






 Freddie - info coming soon!






Hi my name is Lottie I like dogs, sport and especially technology. I have got a Microbit which is a small computer that I can program to do things.

 I think it is important for girls to be good at technology as well as boys.






 Melika - info coming soon!





Hi, my name is Finley and I am a DV Digital Leader. I love using different types of technology and learning how to use electronic devices. Learning new things is very fun but learning new things to do with technology is even more exciting. I normally use a computer/ipad for playing games, searching things, watching videos or making documents with Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. I am so excited to become a digital leader and I know it’s going to be FUN!!!





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